A Discussion on Chinese Separable Word and the Common Errors in Their Use by Thai Students Take “Meet” As an Example

  • Jantapong Buranachaiwong
Keywords: Separable Words, Meet, Thai students,Errors, Teaching Counter, measures


               Chinese is one of the oldest languages in the world, and it is also a very distinctive language. The separable words are a special linguistic phenomenon in modern Chinese and a special category that needs to be identified between words and phrases.  However, many Thai students often have problems in using separable words. This paper makes a brief study on this subject, first introduces the nature of Chinese separable words, and then shows the characteristics of the separable words with the word “meet”. Then it introduces the examples of errors in using the separable words among Thai students who learn Chinese. Finally, it puts forward some suggestions on the teaching of Chinese separable words, so that the students and teachers can learn more about the separable words of Chinese, and pay more attention to avoid errors while using this grammar.


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